Kids huddled at game machines, groups of friends having friendly competition, the sound of gunshots and engines flying across the room… was, sadly, not the scene when Mico and I entered Laser Force one sunny Thursday afternoon. It was about 4.30 in the afternoon and the arcade was silent, apart from background noise and music. A lady at the front desk occupied herself with anything to avoid boredom. “It’s so quiet,” I said to her. She laughed as she told me it was quite a normal sight when school holidays are done. While it may sound like the saddest arcade ever, it was, actually, the perfect setting for us to commence our alphabet dating we agreed to do this year.

We heard of alphabet dating on the radio one morning. It gave Mico the idea to do it as well and of course, I agreed. Anything to get us to do more than just coffee and dinner dates. It was simple: we’d be doing different date activities that start with the letters of the alphabet. No, not all letters at once but one date at a time. And the challenge is to finish all 26 letters this year and on our final date we’d take the whole day and do as many letters in one day. I find it gets the creative juices flowing and

opens up new activities we wouldn’t normally think of. It also opens opportunities to do something and go somewhere we’ve never been before. So, one rock-paper-scissors game determined who would organize the day for the first letter, then we’d take turns with the alphabet. As always, my scissors against his rock. Why do I always use scissors first?

A was challenging, to be honest. Airplane watching would bore us, automobile museum and aquariums are not in Wellington, and I wouldn’t know where to apple pick near the city. I knew of arcades in Wellington but I was not sure if it was still operating. Gladly it was, so off we went. We raced, shot guns and hoops, and air hockeyed with 10 tokens and won a tiny storm trooper stuffed toy at the claw machine. An hour and a half at the arcade later, and a little flushed after the games, we went for Asian food for dinner. The night closed with a little bit of Anime (Armed Girls Machiavellism… although, we didn’t like it). The day really was great fun!




For a date night that involves a lot of moving and standing, and in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I chose this button-up sleeveless colorful shirt. Made with cotton and has an oversize structure, the skin breathes well even when the arcade went a little stuffy a little after we started. Also, this top, thrifted way before Mico and I met, has memories attached to it including our first date. The pink skirt adds more blush to the outfit and the length makes the outfit breezy. While heels are probably the last thing to wear to an arcade, I’m most comfortable dressed up in heels (I still had back up flats, though). Slippers or sneakers are good alternatives, especially if waiting in line for your turn is your kind of arcade.

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Michaela


Nonetheless, it does not have to be Valentine’s day to take a friend, a partner, a child, a parent or a spouse and do something new and different once in a while. Who would you try new things with this Valentines day?

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