Bright early mornings, late sunlight. Dry hot days, silent winds at night. Oh, Summer. This December, we first welcome the summer season before the reds and greens of Christmas. Winter can linger here in New Zealand, especially in windy city Wellington. Not this year. In fact, summer came early last month, but it had now officially come in the country. Oh, fingers crossed it stays a little while longer, says the tropical in me.

Out with my soft maxi skirt and chiffon see-through top, a choice of open heels on occasion… well, certainly not in these photos, but I sure know wearing one won’t blue my feet in the cold. These shoes, however, are my easy, safe, when-I’m-lazy or when-I’m-running-around shoes and are perfect for those rare days hubby and I go out to town for sunshine, coffee, and ice cream.

I used to be a winter-loving girl. The layers and boots, the hot coffees… It was just too cozy. Until I experienced an unbearable winter in the southern-most part of New Zealand and the numerous research I did of the Philippines for my design papers. Suddenly, I embraced the tropical girl in me. And I craved the island life once again (not that my childhood was spent at the sea. In fact, it was very industrial). To express this little part of me, I made this skirt.

It was just about summer last year and many tropical theme products became quite a trend – palm trees, pineapple, coconuts – when I made this skirt. I saw this fabric at Spotlight and I knew I had to make a skirt out of it. The pinks and greens against the dark blue background are perfectly in line with my color aesthetic. So I drafted a maxi skirt with a single slit on the right leg, a 3cm waistband, and side seam zip. The fabric, though difficult to work with, is feather-light that it waves through the wind. It was my ultimate summer skirt, and proud to say I am the only one who has it.

So, while the tropical life is at a halt for me, I’ll wear it as I enjoy the mountains of Wellington on a hot  Summer day. After all, nothing beats Wellington in a great summer’s day.

Top: Thrifted in New Zealand
Skirt: Made. Fabric from Spotlight
Shoes: Thrifted in the Philippines





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